❦ When Has He Talked At People?

*UPDATE 12 NOVEMBER 2014* I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign to purchase 1 of 2 extant copies of a book with possible connections to Oscar Wilde. My goal is to get it out of private collections (where it has been for as long as I am aware) and into the hands of an institution that will not only preserve it but also make it available to the public. Please take a minute to find out more here and, if you like, share it round. And, if you really like, you might want to contribute. Thanks a whole bunch. -Justin


February 2014: “Sins Between the Pages: Victorian Era Pornography and its Social Effects” Public Lecture, Yukon College. Whitehorse, Yukon.

April 2013: “Disease-as-Crime/Crime-as-Disease: Erewhon’s Place in the Late Victorian Criminal Responsibility Debates” Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada: Victorian Humanity and its Others. Vancouver, BC.

April 2013: “The Written Record of Jack Saul: Author, Professional Sodomite, Activist(?)” Erotica, Pornography and the Obscene in Europe Conference. University of Warwick, UK.

November 2012: “The Victorian Trade in Obscenity: A Critical Overview With Emphasis on the Biography of Jack Saul” University of British Columbia Department of English Works-in-Progress Series. Vancouver, BC.

October 2011: “‘We have had the same vision at once’: Teleny and the Queerness of Collective Authorship” Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States’ 16th Annual Conference – The Vulgar and the Proper: Victorian Manners and Mores, Houston, TX.

April 2011: “Biotechnological and Biocybernetic Disembodiment in Posthuman Literature” Southwest Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, San Antonio, TX (panel chair and presenter).

February 2011: “Sexual Reproduction’s Last Supper: Biotechnological and Biocybernetic Disembodiment and the Human Aura” University of Wisconsin-Madison 7th Annual MadLit Conference, Madison, WI.


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