❦ What’s He Written?

*UPDATE 12 NOVEMBER 2014* I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign to purchase 1 of 2 extant copies of a book with possible connections to Oscar Wilde. My goal is to get it out of private collections (where it has been for as long as I am aware) and into the hands of an institution that will not only preserve it but also make it available to the public. Please take a minute to find out more here and, if you like, share it round. And, if you really like, you might want to contribute. Thanks a whole bunch. -Justin

This is where you will find things written by me. As I said in my first post, I am using this blog as a means of helping to demystify the PhDing process by putting my own experience here for everyone to see and laugh at. So, you will find here, among other things, all versions of my qualifying exam lists, rationales, and other things TBA. Do let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for anything I’ve posted here.

Victorian Period Qualifying Reading List Draft 1
Victorian Period Reading List Draft 1 2 August 2012
Victorian Period Reading List Draft 1.1 20 August 12

Victorian Sexuality Qualifying Reading List Draft 1
Justin O’Hearn Victorian Sexuality Reading List 1.0 13 Aug 12

Complete Qualifying Reading Lists: These are the lists as I have sent them to my committee. It is likely they will need revision, but they also represent the conglomeration of a great deal of work and thought. The first file is the complete document with my project description followed by all four reading lists. The four documents below are each of the reading lists separated out.
Justin O’Hearn Qualifying Lists 12 October
Victorian Literature 12 October
Victorian Obscenity Primary Texts 12 October
History of Sexuality 12 October
Victorian Obscenity & Sexuality 12 October

Qualifying Lists Draft #? 18 November
Justin O’Hearn Qualifying Lists November 18 2012

Qualifying Lists Final Draft
Qualifying Lists Final

UBC Work in Progress (WiP) Presentation (see blog post On the Importance of Sharing Your Research)
Justin O’Hearn WiP Talk 26 November


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