❦ Who is This Fellow?


This is what I currently look like.

This is what I looked like in my replica Thriller jacket circa 1985.

Hello. My name is Justin and this is where one would go to find out just what that means. First and foremost, I am a guy doing a finished a PhD in English at the University of British Columbia. My area of specialization is Victorian literature (especially the novel format) and I subspecialize in clandestine publication toward the end of the period. If that’s too fanciful a description, you could just say I study naughty books. I’m fine with that. So, as of the time of writing, I have just completed my first year at UBC and I’m working on the next phase of the thing which is to come up with a bunch of lists that say the things I should read in order to write qualifying exams which will get me to the PhD candidacy stage. I will be posting all about the qualifying process as I progress through it. I am motivated to do this through my own frustration at how ambiguous the process is and the lack of resources by students that seem to be available online and elsewhere. My hope is that by putting my own experiences online, warts and all, that maybe I am contributing in some small way to facilitating a culture of openness and demystifying the PhD process. This is the part of the description where I tell you that much of the stuff that appears here will be applicable to pretty well all graduate study, but that my posts are necessarily biased toward the Canadian graduate student experience because, well, that’s what I am and that’s what I know. Other than posting about my PhDing, I’ll have other stuff concerned with graduate school and a possible free throw every now and again to keep things interesting.


If you want to leave comments on stuff, I would encourage that sort of thing. You can find me on Twitter on @justinohearn and also over at LinkedIn, or Academia.edu. Though I don’t really use the latter very much, it is there nevertheless. You can also contact me through this blog or at justin.ohearn@alumni.ubc.ca. Oh, you know what, I always forget to say things about my personal life.


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