❦ Welcome

Well, hello. Welcome to my Fairly Serious Grad School and Academia Blog. This thing launched on 9 August 2012, so it’s still relatively new. The basic motivation for this site is my attempt to help demystify the PhD process for those who would like to know, but other stuff will appear occasionally. I’ve decided this isn’t quite a professional blog but nor is it a joke. I hope, if you continue to read and even follow this blog, that you get what the sometimes sardonic tone is intended to do both for the reader and my own sanity. But know this: everything I write here is written in earnest for I am a truly dedicated student of literature who thinks that someone might be able to benefit from my idiocy and penchant for learning things the long way round.

I also welcome anybody to share their thoughts because there’s plenty of room for that too.

Thanks for reading this far. You’ll find more detailed, um, details in the other pages if you want to know stuff about me and the posts also have stuff in them.

1 thought on “❦ Welcome”

  1. hi justin…glad you write all in your experience in your phd journey, as im going to start mine as well. this journey has started to kick me out of my sanity too…strange journey indeed

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