A man by the name of Jack Saul is a large part of my research. He was an Irish prostitute in London and the subject of the 1881 ‘memoir’ Sins of the Cities of the Plain (although in that text he claims to be from Suffolk) and appeared again in the Cleveland Street Scandal trial a decade later. In the course of my research I could find no evidence that anyone called Jack Saul actually existed and wondered whether the name could have been some sort of invention. Well, it turns out that Jack Saul was indeed a real person and playwright Glenn Chandler has found archival evidence of this. I have been in touch with Mr. Chandler and I simply cannot wait to see what he has found.

For the time being he has given us a sneak peek at his findings as well as the musical he is planning about the life of John ‘Jack’ Saul. Have a look at the website he has set up in anticipation of his book and play.