Dearest Patient and Kind Graduable Readers,

It is once again autumn (or close enough) in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when Herschel backpacks overflow, ugly-as-sin Toms are slipped on eager feet, and some new internet slang will pervade campuses and perplex absent-minded academics who have ‘better things’ to do. Yes, it is time to get back to school. Today is the first day of classes at UBC and I expect all of these things and more to be happening. This academic year marks the first in two years that I will be on campus more than I’m not. I am excited to be back into the academic fold of campus life after a hiatus in the Great White North (it’s really the Mediocre White North, but that’s a story for another time).

Speaking of hiatuses, the Graduable has been on one since the spring but no more! As the scent of pencil shavings fills the air and bad campus food is shoveled out of barrels and charged at a premium, I will be blogging the whole time. So, grab your bae and YOLO on fleek. School’s back in.

Love Always,