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So, in case you haven’t heard already…WE WON! Not only did we win Des Grieux but we also won one of only five first editions of Teleny. The supporters of the Kickstarter campaign (each and every one my personal hero, listed below), everyone who shared the project on social media, and my home institution, UBC, made this a reality. With UBC’s backing we were able to make sure that two extremely rare works are preserved and available to researchers and anyone with an interest.

The bidding was intense and I don’t know if my 33-years-young heart could take the suspense again (what am I saying? I’d do it all again tomorrow). Stay tuned for another post that’ll have all the gritty details. The highs, the lows, the auctioneer who was clearly amused at some of the auction items!

For now, I just want to say thanks again. As you scroll through the names of this project’s backers, please keep them in mind as you celebrate Thanksgiving, even if you’re not in a country with Thanksgiving next week (see: every country but one). Also, if you ever meet any of these people, you should buy them an ice cream. I’m hoping to buy a lot of ice creams. Spoiler alert: my next Kickstarter will be to raise money to buy ice creams for Kickstarter supporters.

Thank you!


  • Lucia Lorenzi
  • Natasha Chang
  • Brycen Janzen
  • Stewart
  • Lauren Perchuk
  • Steve Hahn
  • Nico Dicecco
  • Will Matheson
  • Xantasm
  • Daniel Helbert
  • Liz Turner
  • Michelle O’Brien
  • Marco Galvani
  • Charles Knight
  • Megan Brett
  • Alex Griffin
  • Tim Cassedy
  • Ted Whittall
  • Betany Koepke
  • Judith Scholes
  • Sandra Arnett
  • Serina Patterson
  • Aron Horvath
  • Amol Verma
  • Christopher Scott
  • Mark Klassen
  • Sarah Taylor-Harman
  • Noelle Phillips
  • JB
  • Gillian Kirby
  • Angela Caperton
  • Iago Faustus
  • Graeme Rigg
  • Alison Hurlburt
  • Les Vogel
  • Mark
  • Sebastian Melmoth
  • Rebecca Dowson
  • Kristen Stubbs
  • Glenn Willen
  • Jennifer Ferguson
  • Megan Rector
  • Alison Traweek
  • Kyle Carpenter
  • Lawrence Reeve
  • Meghan O’Neil
  • Mary Corbett
  • Ian Pettit
  • Heath Wood
  • Jack
  • Faye Wang
  • Ann Gagne
  • Katie
  • TR
  • Keith Preble
  • Adrian M.
  • John Williams