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The amount of money raised so far for this campaign equates to over 32lbs of Canadian dollar coins (commonly known as ‘Loonies’). Since we’re talking weights and measures here, that equates to $2135 raised toward the goal of prying a rare book from the locked cases of private collectors where researchers can’t access it.

More than anything else, this project thus far has shown me how much goodwill there is within the academic community as well as communities sympathetic to the cause of ensuring that literature is preserved and not locked away.

I am cautiously optimistic that this project will meet its funding goal and I want to reiterate my gratitude to everyone who has shared, backed, and had thoughts both pure and impure about this campaign. And if everyone were to ask just one relative they only speak with on holidays to share and consider backing this campaign, we’d have a lot more cousins involved. I don’t know if that would help, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

As always, further details can be found under the gif. Today it’s a visual representation of a bit of frustration I’ve experienced recently.

Here is today’s current list of backers. See if you can spot the one with a little added literary allusion.

  1. Lucia Lorenzi
  2. Natasha Chang
  3. Brycen Janzen
  4. Stewart
  5. Lauren Perchuk
  6. Steve Hahn
  7. Nico Dicecco
  8. Will Matheson
  9. Xantasm
  10. Daniel Helbert
  11. Liz Turner
  12. Michelle O’Brien
  13. Marco Galvani
  14. Charles Knight
  15. Megan Brett
  16. Alex Griffin
  17. Tim Cassedy
  18. Ted Whittall
  19. Betany Koepke
  20. Judith Scholes
  21. Sandra Arnett
  22. Serina Patterson
  23. Aron Horvath
  24. Amol Verma
  25. Christopher Scott
  26. Mark Klassen
  27. Sarah Taylor-Harman
  28. Noelle Phillips
  29. JB
  30. Gillian Kirby
  31. Angela Caperton
  32. Iago Faustus
  33. Graeme Rigg
  34. Alison Hurlburt
  35. Les Vogel
  36. Mark
  37. Sebastian Melmoth
  38. Rebecca Dowson
  39. Kristen Stubbs
  40. Glenn Willen

Here’s the Kickstarter link: Oscar Wilde’s ‘Other’ Suppressed Novel

Click here if you’d like more info on the project.

This is the auction site for Des Grieux: Christie’s London

Here is the entry from Peter Mendes containing most of the available info on Des Grieux. Mendes is one of the few people who have actually examined the text in question: Des Grieux

If you’d like to find out more about Teleny, you can look at the OScholars special Teleny edition here.

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