Kickstarter Update, Day 3: Over Halfway Edition


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Good Morning Friends (or afternoon in the UK and on the Continent),

Another banner day for this project, you guys. Not only did you help raise the total to $1600 (that’s over half way to the goal!), you shared it widely helping it get some media attention and even a very supportive blog post from Eros Blog. It’s a worthwhile read, not just because it supports my project, but because it also addresses state of knee-jerk moral reactions by companies. I also did an interview with a national journalist who’s hoping to publish an article about the project this week (or at least before the auction starts). I cannot wait to see what happens next! Thanks everyone for everything you’ve done thus far.

Please see more details here and below, under the Peter Dinklage gif that most accurately represents my feelings at the moment.

And, remember, you’re allowed to share this project as many times as you can click your mouse. If you don’t have a newer computer, please write to me and I will send you the DOS startup floppy disk so that you can share it round.

Backers thus far include:

  1. Lucia Lorenzi
  2. Natasha Chang
  3. Brycen Janzen
  4. Stewart
  5. Lauren Perchuk
  6. Steve Hahn
  7. Nico Dicecco
  8. Will Matheson
  9. Xantasm
  10. Daniel Helbert
  11. Liz Turner
  12. Michelle O’Brien
  13. Marco Galvani
  14. Charles Knight
  15. Megan Brett
  16. Alex Griffin
  17. Tim Cassedy
  18. Ted Whittall
  19. Betany Koepke
  20. Judith Scholes
  21. Sandra Arnett
  22. Serina Patterson
  23. Aron Horvath
  24. Amol Verma
  25. Christopher Scott
  26. Mark Klassen
  27. Sarah Taylor-Harman
  28. Noelle Phillips
  29. JB
  30. Gillian Kirby
  31. Angela Caperton
  32. Iago Faustus
Here’s the Kickstarter link: Oscar Wilde’s ‘Other’ Suppressed Novel
Click here if you’d like more info on the project.This is the auction site for Des Grieux: Christie’s London Here is the entry from Peter Mendes containing most of the available info on Des Grieux. Mendes is one of the few people who have actually examined the text in question: Des GrieuxIf you’d like to find out more about Teleny, you can look at the OScholars special Teleny edition here.Previous Kickstarter Updates: Launch, Day1, Day 2

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