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This post on Oscar Wilde’s favourite subject came up on my Twitter feed the other day from twitterer Sarah Ross whose tumblr, Paxvictoriana, can be found here. The post consists of some questions filled out by Wilde in 1877 from something called An American Confession. It’s basically a list of favourite things. I know a guy who likes to talk about himself almost as much as Wilde did, so I went ahead and answered the questions as well. I’d love to see some others’ answers.

Your Favourite

  1. Colour?  blue 
  2. Flower?  fragrant ones 
  3. Tree?  weeping cedar 
  4. Object in nature?  deserts 
  5. Hour in the day?  midday (if I’ve slept till then)
  6. Season of the year?  summer 
  7. Perfume?  varies, but Geo. F. Trumper’s Sandalwood at the moment 
  8. Gem?  the one with the richest colour 
  9. Style of beauty?  art deco 
  10. Names, male and female?  Jack, Priya 
  11. Painters?  Dali, Bosch  
  12. Musicians?  too many to list  
  13. Piece of sculpture?  pass  
  14. Poets?  pass 
  15. Poetesses?  what a strange word 
  16. Prose authors?   Philip K. Dick, Wilde 
  17. Character in Romance?  the knight 
  18. Character in History?  Jack Saul 
  19. Book to take up for an hour?   magazines? 
  20. What book (not religious) would you part with last?  all my books are religious 
  21. What epoch would you choose to have lived in?  none of the past ones. I’d only be comfortable visiting for a short time 
  22. Where would you like to live?  London 
  23. What is your favourite amusement?  unfriending on Facebook 
  24. What is your favourite occupation?  haven’t found one yet 
  25. What trait of character do you most admire in man?  awareness of personal hygiene 
  26. What trait of character do you most admire in woman?  as above 
  27. What trait of character do you most detest in each?  sanctimony 
  28. If not yourself, who would you rather be?  the man who could say things in song 
  29. What is your idea of happiness?  the free pursuit of intellectual stimulation 
  30. What is your idea of misery?  geographical remoteness 
  31. What is your bete noir?  how much time have you got? 
  32.    ”     ”    ”  dream?  pursuing whatever I want without worrying about money  
  33. What is your favourite game?  never given it much thought  
  34. What do you believe to be your distinguishing characteristic?  pessimism girded with confidence  
  35. If married, what do you believe to be the distinguishing characteristic of your better-half?  forgiveness, empathy
  36. What is the sublimest passions of which human nature is capable?  I’ma go ahead and ignore the grammar of that question and say music  
  37. What are the sweetest words in the world?  well done  
  38. What are the saddest words?  Big Bang Theory is such a good show  
  39. What is your aim in life?  to accomplish something I never thought I’d be able to  
  40. What is your motto?  let’s go with something in Latin