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The new school year has begun here in North America. This time of year generally smells of the crisp, expensive pages of non-refundable-if-cellophane-broken textbooks, pencil shavings, and predatory campus credit card promotions. For my students it also reeks of learning how to write well, no matter the mandate of the course(s) I happen to be facilitating. I am never not teaching writing, even in courses where the only writing component is the expectation that students will somehow magically know how to write amazing essays. To that end, I like to give this invaluable resource out at the beginning of the semester. You may or may not be familiar with it. It is called How to Write With Style and it was created for a paper company by Mr. Kurt Vonnegut at a point in time when IBM was probably still a player in the personal computer industry. It is the only writing resource that has never let me down in terms of its usefulness. I’m giving it to my new students today as well as to anyone reading this.

How to Write With Style Kurt Vonnegut