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On this day one year ago I posted for the first time to what was then called the Fairly Serious Blog. After a year of doing this at a semi-regular rate (I’m on my summer schedule) I feel like I have accomplished a lot just in my own mindtank through the act of blogging. And having you fine people read and respond to the words what come outta my fingers and onto the computer box adds immensely to the experience and I can’t thank you enough. So, because this the blog’s first birthday I think you all know what that means: that’s right, we’re going to have a party that is less for the birthday boy and more for the adults in attendance to watch him be afraid of his cake, make a godawful mess with it, and then throw a tantrum. There’s nowhere else I’d rather throw a tantrum than right here with you, oh trusty reader. Thanks for carving out a bit of time to read my nonsense once in a while.