Dear readers,

As you may already be aware, I did not post any new material this week and, for this, I apologize. I’ve been rather busy with various tasks such as marking, conference papers, and finishing up editing reading lists (not to mention actual reading) as the end of term approaches. I sincerely hope this oversight of my responsibilities to the blogging community has not caused many of you to abandon the good ship Graduable.

I want to assure you that just because you do not see me on a regular basis does not mean that I disappear, for I know sometimes the internet has issues with object permanence. If anything, you should be glad when I do not post for a week or so because that usually means I will come back with something that I’ve had a chance to meditate on for a longer period of time. With this, I am not promising anything earth shattering this coming Monday (or even that I will post anything at all), but I do promise you a steady stream of content at relatively consistent intervals. I am having issues with keeping a schedule this time of year.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who read, shared, and/or commented on last week’s post about what a spiteful asshole I am. That post was a bit of a departure for me, but you have made me feel better about having written it.

Your Humble Servant,