As this week is my university’s reading week, I thought I would take that as literally as possible. To that end, then, I have finished any pressing writing tasks and I will spend this week simply catching up on reading. However, this reading will be done without the use of social media. As much as social media have really been a boon to my academic community-building efforts, they have also been a colossal distraction and procrastination tool. I am having my wife change all of my passwords on my computer and phone so I will not be able to access Twitter or Facebook for the entire week while I get back to paper-based things. I have a few updates pre-scheduled for the week, but I don’t view this as cheating because I will not be interacting on these platforms. The only thing I am not switching off will be my email, which I don’t expect to be busy anyhow.

In addition to my being the only student in all of UBC that will spend reading week actually reading, I feel it is high time I put pen to paper once more. I wrote a draft of my project description in long hand last week and it was time-consuming yet rewarding. I am going to get my fancy paper and fountain pen out for some serious scrivening.

If you are a university student torn between deciding whether reading week is the right time to do some reading or tequila shots at Senor Frog’s while sunburnt, I offer you the following image.