This blog post rings so true to my current and soon-to-be living situation. Sarah has alleviated some of my most profound fears about doing a PhD from afar.


Waiting on the Mail; Or, How to (or How Not To) Write a PhD From Afar

It’s always a good day when UPS delivers a package from Amazon

If you think I look a little crazed in this picture, it’s because the highlight of my days around here is usually when Amazon delivers some obscure text I can’t track down at Emory’s Woodruff library…that, or I’ve just taken my dog out for a walk.  I also get semi-excited about putting laundry in the dryer, emptying the dishwasher, and/or organizing my office.  You probably think I’m really crazy now, don’t you?  I feel like I should defend myself a bit here–these aren’t necessarily procrastination practices (okay, sometimes they are); they are little rewards for sitting at my desk for uninterrupted amounts of time.  Example: let’s say I respond to four student e-mails and read an article or two.  My version of patting myself on the back is to get up and put another load of laundry in…

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