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Hi All,

Well, I finally succumbed to my longing desire to have my very own fancy custom URL. As a result, I have chosen http://www.graduable.com because the word ‘graduable’, according to the OED, means “entitled to an academic degree”. It is also considered rare and obscure, two descriptors that I can relate to and I think it describes succinctly the sort of MO for this here blog. Along with the fancy new name, I’m also looking to make some aesthetic changes which I’ve already begun. I will, of course, update as these take more serious footing.

Other exciting news is that The Graduable (that’s what I’m calling it now rather than the Fairly Serious Blog) is now listed on The Thesis Whisperer’s PhD student blogs list. Special thanks to the Thesis Whisperer herself, Dr. Inger Mewburn, for agreeing to include me on the list.

That’s all until Monday.

Thank you for being a friend. You’re a pal and a confidant.