Gentle Fairly Serious Blog Readers,

As you may or may not be aware, I have something of an unusual fascination with the genre of music known as rock and/or roll and, specifically, one of its most prolific practitioners, a group from the mid-twentieth century known as the Beatles. A former member of this group, one James Paul McCartney, happened to play in my town last night and I could not resist being a member of the select audience lucky enough to pay a large sum of money to hear him and his new band sing old songs. As if this weren’t enough excitement for someone with as gentle a manner as my own, I have had a traveller this week from my hometown visiting with me and I have been showing her the most wonderful things in British Columbia and catching up on lost time.

As it turns out, the confluence of both these events has meant that there is no new Fairly Serious blog post this week (aside from this one informing you of the lack of new blog posts). As always, thank you for continuing to read and engage with the words that appear on these (web)pages and know that I care for each of you deeply.