Great roundup of some PhD blog posts (including one from me!)

ivry twr

In January my partner Beth will be starting her PhD. Since receiving the good news and in preparation for my own PhD application, I’ve been searching out advice and recommendations for both surviving and thriving in grad school. Now that October is here I’m going to start working on my grad school application, what better time to share some of the best links I’ve found giving grad school advice.

1. How to tame your PhD – I’m written before about how much I love the blog The Thesis Whisperer – How to tame your PhD is an ebook collecting some of the blog’s best posts. This book focuses on tips and tricks for writing and managing a PhD dissertation. With Beth starting her PhD this winter, I know this book will be waiting under the digital Christmas tree for her.

2. Applying to PhD programs – This excellent three-part series…

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