Hello Fairly Serious Friends and Well Wishers,

So, I’m on the road this week in the good ol’ US of A plus putting the finishing touches on a fairly serious funding application and a couple of conference proposals,  leading me to believe that there will not be any new posting happening here until October 1, 2012. Let’s throw in the fact that there isn’t enough NyQuil in this town to suppress what’s happening in my head and chest and we’ve got ourselves what I call an academic situation over here.

As always, I really appreciate any time any of you – new or established readers, I don’t discriminate – reads anything I’ve posted on here. This blog began as an experiment in advice-cum-catharsis and has turned into something of an obsession that I want to continue to take in new, sometimes awkward, directions. Actually, new and awkward are the perfect adjectives to describe my academic life so far. Every day there is something new presented to me that I react to awkwardly but then, usually, I get it eventually.

Thanks again. I look forward to any pity views (they all count!) this post garners me.