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Dear Fairly Serious Bloggees,

First, I’d like to apologize for the word ‘bloggee’. I’ve been into new coinages recently, and this is not my finest example (see: when I addressed my Twitter followers as ‘twits’). The new academic year is upon us and with that comes the inevitability of doing too many things at once and, I figure, since I spent a great portion of my summer shifting important things around so that I could focus on less important things, I ought to start the year off right and get down to the business of PhDing my ass off so as to keep up with my deadlines. I’m sure everyone out there knows what I’m talking about.

You know those save-the-date cards you get for weddings before the actual invitation? Well, this post is like one of those except that, instead of being an egregious waste of paper and a dumb idea, this one is informing you of my promise to write a bunch more fairly serious stuff about grad school and whatnot when my feet hit the ground sometime after Labour Day, or Labor Day if you reside somewhere in the country directly south of the one I call home. Yes, that’s right, the Home of the Whopper.

Thanks to everyone who’s read this blog so far and those who’ve commented and made suggestions so that I can improve it. Please do keep them coming. Chances are I’m not going to change anything just because you tell me to, but I might.

Lastly, congratulations to everyone starting out (or continuing) in higher education this September. It’s a huge accomplishment and privilege to enter the academy, so make the most of it.

Ever Yours,